Hey, you're here!

So you're ready to Ditch the voices in your head that are keeping you from getting what you REALLY want. You're ready to start peeling back the layers of self-talk that aren't serving you and eliminate what's keeping you from feeling how you REALLY want to feel. You're ready to stop wondering why you "know what to do, but can't get myself to do it"...and actually start DOing it! You're ready to FINALLY lose that weight, pump up your career, feel confident and in control of your life.

And you're ready to 'break up' with the version of yourself that is KEEPING you from getting there.

Well that's a very good thing...and you're in exactly the right place. I'm dedicated to helping you get yourself to become the person you know you are but want to see more of....and I'm even more dedicated to helping you do it without all the B.S. or time-wasting and in a way that you actually LOVE the experience of.

It's time to Ditch the Bitch in your conversations, your decisions, and your life.

Here's How It Works...

I only take on a select number of new Ditch the Weight Forever clients every single month.

This isn't one of those ‘false scarcity’ things here, I really AM limited in the number of women I am able to deliver the Ditch the Weight Forever Formula curriculum to at the highest standard and, as you can imagine, there are LOTS of women applying to work with me, so I'm trying to keep things as fair as possible by screening each and every application individually and selecting those who work with me each on their own merits.

That being the case, please answer every question as fully and with as much detail as possible to help my selection team decide whether you qualify to get to the front of the line or if there are others who are in greater need.

We’ll screen and respond to your application within 24 hours on weekdays, but if you submit over a weekend please be patient until you hear from us on Monday.

If you pass the application form stage we’ll arrange a time for your Shift Call and if selected you’ll be given dates for the next available Ditch the Weight Forever program so you can start addressing the impact that your current relationship with your body is having on your life right away.



“Yes! I want to apply to chat with Leanne about Ditch the Weight Foreverand end the misery and disruption that my body is causing in my life.

I understand that my answers will be used to create a picture of my current need for Ditch the Weight Forever coaching and that if I’m serious about receiving one of the spots available for Ditch the Weight Forever then I need to give as much detailed information as possible”