Is YOUR Inner-Bitch Running Your Life For You?

Imagine what life would be like if suddenly every 'critic' in your life was silenced, and you were allowed to just friggen' BREATHE, THINK, and FEEL how you want to feel... without worrying about being "good enough", "thin enough", "pretty enough"... THAT is Ditch the Bitch.

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My first ever book How To Ditch The Bitch: Winning The Inner Game of Transformation rose to the #3 spot on Amazon's Best Seller List in the self-help motivational section in less than 24 hours. I'm so excited about it, I'm giving away 1000 copies to women who are serious about 'breaking up' with their inner-bitches, and starting a new relationship with themselves. Hurry though, I won't be keeping it up here forever! Want to get your hands on your very own copy? Then just pop in your details below and grab it now with my compliments.


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"All women need to read this book! Heck, men should be reading it too. Leanne has created a story and a framework so powerful, you can't help but be moved into action. "

Dax Moy - Best Selling Author of “The Magic 100”

Leanne Ellington is a writer, a mad scientist, a storyteller, an ambidextrous hoolah-hooper, and wholeheartedly believes that peanut butter should become the fifth food group. Her career started after she personally lost over 100 lb. of fat and then went on to help other women do the same thing through her weekly television segments, award-winning corporate wellness programs, and women’s fitness studio. Now through her book How To Ditch the Bitch: Winning the Inner Game of Transformation, Leanne is making lasting transformation faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever.