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Let's be honest:

Your inner critic can be brutal.

And after a while it can start to wear you down.

But if you're ready to stop fighting it ...and want to learn to live, work, and share a body with it, then stroll on over to the How to Ditch the Bitch Community (It's Free!)

It's time to stop talking about yourself, and start talking to yourself.

**Official Full-Permission Zone**

Your self esteem and confidence are directly related to what you are feeding yourself.

If you're feeling a bit more like your own inner-Bitch than your own BFF at the moment,  snap yourself out of it and connect with people that just 'get' you.

It's impossible to get the support and connection that you need if you're in an environment where you feel like you're being judged or criticized.

And that's why every gal that joins our crew does so with the understanding that it's an official Full-Permission Zone.

MEANING: you have full permission to be the real, authentic, naked version of yourself around us. Warts and all.


The you-ier the you, the better.


(And you can leave your 'Perfectionist Panties' at home. You won't be needing them around us.)

That’s why I created the HTDTB community—so you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this.

  • It’s the OPPOSITE of one of those groups where you see a bunch of B.S, nonsense, or "just think more positively" fluff. You'll get though-provoking and actionable content unlike anything that's out there.
  • It's 100% spam free, pitch free (because trust me, I've been in groups that were clearly full of tacky self-promotional 'stuff' rather than helpful content, powerful conversations, and the beauty of a sisterhood.)
  • And it’s full of sassy, smart, and down-to-earth women of all ages and from all parts of the globe.
  • It’s totally free to join (because I know you already have enough moving parts to pay for in your life).
  • Oh yea did I mention it's for WOMEN only?

So come meet yourself where you are, let your inner-critic be okay with where you're not, and come stand still with our amazing community of women.


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