Meet the Bitches

The Enforcer

The Enforcer is always the first to compare you to someone or something else -- even if it is past or future versions of yourself. The Enforcer always chimes in about the 'right' or 'wrong' way to do something, what's 'good' or 'bad',  or what you 'should, would, or could' be doing (this is all in comparison to the 'status quo' or 'perfection' of course)

The Judge

The Judge is always around to make sure you're properly 'punished' for anything and everything you did or didn't do. The Judge is the first to assign blame, guilt, or shame to you or your circumstances, and the Judge almost never lets you 'forgive and forget'.

The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen is the queen of embellishing, exaggerating, and over-reacting. Things always seem worse than they actually are when she's around. She takes things waaaaaay too personally, so it might feel like you're 'living high school' all over again when the Drama Queen peeks her head out.

The Pirate

The Pirate is always on the lookout for what you can't do or what you don't have. The Pirate is always going "Arggggh!" to the glass that's half empty, and "Arggggh!" to the alternatives that wouldn't work, or "Arggggh!" to the danger that is ahead at every corner. (A real downer if you ask me.)

The Little Girl (Mini-Me)

The Little Girl (or Mini-Me as I like to call her) would do anything to please others (especially authority figures), posture to fit in or blend in (especially when it came to peers or others her own age and 'stature'), Sometimes when you feel pain, insulted, rejected, or feel left out or un-chosen, it's almost as if you've regressed back to your past, and you're 'showing up' as your scared or hurt little-girl self.

The Truth About YOUR Bitches...

Let's be honest:

Your inner critic can be brutal.

And after a while, it can wear you down.

When I am feeling fabulous, on my "A-game", or have flow in my life and pep-in-my-step, I have no problem showing up as the powerful, beautiful, and confident version of myself that I truly want to show up as.

But when I'm NOT feeling so hot, all of that changes. I feel ugly, weak, and full of self-doubt, and there is this HUGE knock-on effect on every other area of my life...

  • My health
  • My body
  • My stress
  • My relationships
  • My business and my finances
  • My energy and mood
  • My happiness and enjoyment of life

At it's simplest, Ditch the Bitch is another way of saying:

"Stop feeling BAD... and start feeling GOOD!"

When you look at it like that, it becomes simple...

But you can't get there if you're stuck feeling judged, rejected, confused, and full of self doubt.

You're NOT Weird, Crazy, or Alone!

I know that:

  • When I feel rejected... I feel disconnected, unaccepted, and like there is something wrong with me
  • When I feel judged...I do things and make decisions based on what others think (or what I think others think)
  • When I feel into that ugly, and I give off ugly
  • When I feel weak...I don't try my hardest and I don't play up my strengths
  • When I feel full of self-doubt...I wonder if it's even possible, if I can do it, if I'm worth it
  • When I feel confused...I tend to spin in circles, go down rabbit holes, or react in threat
  • When I feel stressed and frazzled...I physically feel it, live it, and become it
  • When I feel unorganized...I waste time, work harder than I need to, lose things, and do things more than once
  • When I feel unsupported...I get pissed off, hurt, feel rejected, and feel scared
  • When I feel like I'm simply passing time...I feel frozen, complacent, or become easy to 'make deals' with

And it wasn't just me that felt this way either...

I've worked with 1000's of women over the years.

Women that wanted to lose weight, transform their body or their health, or simply be able to wear the clothes they WANTED to wear...

Women that wanted to find love, make more money, get more done, or effectively juggle all the spinning plates in their life...

Women that wanted to make a bigger impact in their lives, their careers, their families, their relationships, and in the world...

Women that simply wanted to show up as their most beautiful, powerful, happy, and confident selves...

And the same was true of ALL of them:

When they felt confused, scattered, disconnected, and stressed, they felt like their life owned THEM!

But when they got the clarity, direction, strategy, and support they needed, they were able to finally feel like they owned and influenced their life...and could feel powerful, confident, and beautiful as they lived it.

And that is what How To Ditch the Bitch is all about!

Go ahead and get started with some of my faves...


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