Welcome to How To Ditch the Bitch

Here’s the deal:

I've yet to come across a single woman that didn't have Bitches.

The negative self-talk, the limiting beliefs in your head, the perfectionists that will never feel like you are 'enough'.

I believe that smart women who want to feel more confident and actually get themselves to actually finish things MUST become master 'directors' of the conversations that take place in their own heads.

How can you find the time to do this while running a business… while working a full-time job… while raising a family?

Instead of reading every self-help or how-to book out there or searching for your motivation on Pinterest and wasting time on stuff that you don't even WANT to do...

…subscribe to Ditch the Bitch (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies (that actually work!) from brain science, endless hours of my personal "lab" research, and lessons from the Streets of the Hard Knocks.

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And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works, and how you can make it work for YOUR life and YOUR circumstances. All because I have a knack for breaking down the complexities of what's ACTUALLY going on inside that brain of yours into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY. ​

About Leanne:

Hi, I'm Leanne!

Yep, That’s Me… Leanne Ellington AKA ‘Bitch-Finder General’

  • I’m a seasoned world traveler and eternal student of life
  • I’m a dedicated researcher and ‘Mad Scientist’
  • I often think in pictures and someecards and speak in music and rhymes
  • I’m a wannabee Neuroscientist, play an amateur psychologist on TV, and am on a mission to H.A.C.K. my body and heightened senses
  • I’m a Hoolah Hooping Paddleboarder that gets physically moved by music
  • I’m an awesome singer that plays LOUSY guitar (but awesome air-guitar)

I used to have a FAT HEAD that sat on top of an overweight body that took me on a journey that turned me into one badass BITCH Detector…and I believe that you can be one too.

​Part mad scientist, a coach, a speaker, and a storyteller...

I'm on a mission to teach women all over the world how to identify where they have negative self-talking inner conversations calling the shots....and how to Ditch them.


The Method Behind the Madness...

Truth be told...

I created Ditch the Bitch as a way to deal with my own personal "meanies" that kept me extremely overweight and lacking confidence and self-esteem for a large portion of my life.  fat1  Whether they were talking me in or out of things I really wanted, keeping me from finishing what I started, or simply stealing my smiles, I got to the point where I was sick of their 'stories' in my head leading the way. And now I'm on a mission to help other women Ditch their own Bitches too. My business degree didn't teach me as much as the "School of the Hard Knocks" and my obsession with the Brain and the Human Body taught me way more than any text book or "official" schooling ever did. I've been singing since I could talk, I've been around the world (and ay-yay-yay) several times, and I believe that peanut butter should become the official fifth food group.

And THIS is How to Ditch the Bitch.

​I am SO EXCITED and HAPPY to welcome you! Get cozy, and have a look around...​

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