Paddleboarding is the New Prozac

This may sound like a dramatic statement, but I truly believe that Paddleboarding everyday has changed my life.

I knew the obvious reasons why I thought this was so, but it wasn’t until I tucked a tiny notepad inside of the tiny waterproof pouch attached to my board that I was able to realize exactly what it was.

Here’s what I wrote on a bright orange post-it note in the middle of my lake:

Why I love Paddleboarding:
I’m an island
It’s all there, I’m all here.
It changes the ground
It changes the sound
It changes the air
Or how much I care
About anything other than
Me, my body, and the kid in me.

Makes me appreciate my feet, my seat
When a journey’s complete
A beginning, an end
Just me, my own best friend.

Now I know exactly what it is:  It’s all about your environment.

Who you’re with, what’s under your feet, how the air feels, what seeps inside your ears and penetrates your thoughts….and what doesn’t.

What you’re not seeing, thinking, feeling, breathing in, or under the influence of.

It’s a matter of what it is and a matter of what it’s not.

It’s all about the space that surrounds you and that space in between.