Your Attitude Makes Your Ass Look HUGE

Imagine if you weighed all the comments or snide remarks you make to yourself about yourself that don’t make you feel very good?

In fact, they make you feel BAD ๐Ÿ™

The things you say to yourself when you’re judging and critiquing yourself the harshest.

The things you say to the parts of you that you don’t like or that upset you when you face them in the mirror.

The things that shift your focus towards all of the things that you have absolutely no control over or that are in the past.

Imagine if you weighed all of THAT.

Then imagine the weight of the weight of THAT.

  • The burden
  • The energy-sucking
  • The resistance
  • The hating on yourself and your body 24 hours a day.
  • The constant check-in with whatever unit of measure you are tracking that week โ€“ whether it’s weight, jeans size, or complements -โ€“ to determine your self worth for the time being.

Weigh THAT.

Track THAT.

Monitor THAT.

Lose THAT weight.

And I think that you’ll find:

You’ll LIKE yourself more.

You’ll feel more beautiful, powerful, and confident.

And your butt will most definitely look better in those jeans.