The #1 Stressor You Need to Eliminate in 2015 (And 62 Ways to Do It)

We’re starting to catch on. Overall we’re becoming savvier.

We’re starting to understand that resolutions don’t have a whole lot of meaning if you make them just to make them — or because you think you’re supposed to.

Especially if you’re trying to pile on more duties, obligations, and responsibilities to an already overstuffed, over-stressed, and jam-packed life.

Who’s got room for that?

So not only do you end up further away from that goal you committed to, but on top of that you’re pissed off at yourself for backing down on yet another self-made promise.

Next thing you know, that well-intention-ed New Year’s Resolution has turned into a double whammy of additional stress in your life.

Okay we’re starting to get it:

Doing more is not the solution.

Do Less

But it’s not as simple as just doing less either. It’s not just about subtraction. Trust me. I tried that, too.

When I was feeling burnt out, I would give myself permission to just “be lazy” at home or on the couch. But that tended to backfire on me as well.

Ten hours later and 13 episodes into a Netflix binge-watching session, I would find myself feeling guilty — like I was doing something wrong the whole time. It kept me from truly enjoying my relaxation attempts, and it certainly didn’t refresh me.

That’s when I realized that de-stressing is more than just a matter of taking breaks and ceasing your normal chores and activities.

It also matters what you are feeding yourself in the meantime — what you choose as a substitute for the time you may have otherwise spent mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook news feed (or other activities that put the guilty in the term guilty pleasure).

So what’s the solution? If you ask me, it’s not any one thing. In fact you can approach it from multiple angles:

  • Do less.
  • Stress (way) less.
  • Stand still more. Long enough to catch your breath.
  • Then when you’re ready, feed yourself. Fill yourself back up with whatever you need at that particular point.

Need a recovery or a refill on that tank you feel has been on empty for some time now? Go fill it up. Not feeling like your beautiful, confident, and good-vibed self? Go find her and feed her. Feeling disconnected from those you love, those that make you laugh, or the people that just ‘get’ you? Go find them and plug yourself back in.

Feeling caged in, stagnant, stuck in a certain place in your life (whether geographically or metaphorically)? Get out. Find different scenery. Change your environment. Transform your state. Smell different air. Tickle your taste buds a different color. Pop in a new soundtrack.

Feeling the weight of all the things you haven’t gotten to, all the loops still left open, all the stress of the plates in the air that need spinning? Set them down. Give yourself permission to let yourself stand still and be wherever you are.

That is my double-dog dare for you for 2015:

Do less. Be more.

Imagine what would happen if just one day a week you practiced doing less and being more? It’s actually easier than you think.

Here Are 62 Ways To Help You Make That A Reality: