Do You Have a FAT Head?

No, YOU aren’t fat…but your head might be.

You know how it goes. You wake up in the morning, glance at yourself in the mirror, and decide that you’re already having a ‘fat day’.

Then you head over to the closet and try on a pair of pants that PROVES that it is indeed one of those days. The button nearly pops off while fastening and you need to tie a cardigan around your waist if you don’t want anyone to notice the waistband cutting into your hips.

And (duh!) there’s no way that your healthy eating intentions and movement game plan are doing you any good, so you might as well throw in the towel on this plan too. Maybe you are just destined to fail.

So your head starts gravitating towards the normal reaction to this kind of day.

  • Ick! I’m gross and disgusting and nothing looks good on me.
  • What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just stick to the plan like any other NORMAL human being. I have no willpower and no self-control. ;
  • Why do I self-sabotage myself? I know what to do, but I keep getting in my own way!

And then there’s the typical diatribe that follows:

“You suck.”

“You’re fat”

“You suck” (some more)

After that, it would take ungodly amounts of motivation or the best pump-you-up tactics to get yourself to do whatever it is you actually need to do to get the results you’re looking for.

But notice how the above situation had NOTHING to do with anything you ate or what workout you did or didn’t do.  Nope not at all. Your ‘fat head’ took over, and at that point, not even the best meal plans or the most comprehensive fitness solution would get you to actually DO what you needed to do. That ‘fat head’ of yours was the REAL problem.

Take what happened to me for example.

To my core…and in my heart:

  • I’m a researcher
  • I’m a mechanic
  • I’m an engineer
  • I’m a student
  • I’m a teacher
  • I’m a creator and a writer

The first big transformation in my life was steered in the direction of exercise, nutrition, and fat loss, and just like we all do when it comes to our ‘nature’,  I completely immersed myself in a way that utilized my natural way of being. I became a student, researcher, engineer…. you get the picture.

Ya see, technically I was determined to be ‘”fat”’ (obese actually) , and even though I did eventually lose the weight, AFTER my fat body was gone and no longer part of my life, there was still a big ol’ “fat mind” left in it’s place, and it wasn’t going away anytime soon…at least not by itself.



Technically I got rid of all the ‘excess’ fat on my body (100 pounds of it) — the weight that I truly believed was making me miserable, self-conscious, and lacking the feeling that I was a hot, sexy woman.  But what happened was that I still had a TON of “issues” even after I got the results I thought I was looking for.

  • No confidence
  • Still had a REALLY unhealthy relationship with food
  • Very mean and scathing to myself– abusive self-talk
  • Complete anxiety over all the stuff I had to get done…and all this guilt and blame that went along with it “well, I should be here by now” or “I should have conquered this by now”

Here’s the truth:  Learning about protein, carbs, burning calories, and how to do bodyweight squats didn’t teach me about any of THAT.

Ya know what happens after years of living inside of an overweight body? You end up with the HABITS and BELIEFS of someone with an overweight body!

It wasn’t the food, the working out, or ME that was the problem.

It was my beliefs about food, my beliefs about working out, and my beliefs about ME that were the real issue.

And as soon as I made that discovery, I went on a whole new adventure on its own.

So where do you have BITCHES in your own life that are causing you to have a Fat Head on your shoulders?  And what would your life look like if you were able to DITCH them?