Am I Crazy? Are You?

For anyone who’s ever wondered if they were CRAZY. I’ve decided I definitely am and wrote this:

I used to think I was crazy
that I was wacky and wild and strange
I used to think I was a little mad
Wondered if things might ever change

I used to see things quite funny
Through a glass with a slight color tone
Spot rain coming even when it was sunny.
A perception that became uniquely my own

I used to think I was broken
That my pieces didn’t fit together right
So I stapled and glued and laid patches
Any hole I could see in my sight

I used to think things for me were so different
That my struggle left me all on my own
So I tried fitting in with the others
Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so alone

I used to question my power
Could I change what didn’t sit well with me?
Could I shift my life for the better?
Was happy a real option for me?

I won’t bore you with all the details
How my gaze shifted and then saw the light
How I stumbled on answers to the questions
That kept me awake on most nights

I will say however it shocked me
The patterns I thought laid there in stone
Would one day just become a chapter
In a story I’m now proud to own

I now know I am indeed crazy
The best kind of crazy to be
I reach and I sore and take chances
As the me I worked so hard to be

I still see things quite funny
But in linings of silver and gold
These bright colors now don’t confuse me
But instead show me the power I hold

What i used to label as broken
I see now was only a scratch
There’s scars there that have healed now
And I won’t be needing that patch

I see now the things I once hid well
Are the ones I now wear out with pride
Those warts, imperfections, and failures
I now see as my beautiful side

So I dare you to go find your crazy
See the world in the colors you choose
Be bold and stand apart from the others
I dare you to loosen some screws

Cause that’s what makes up your magic
That’s what makes up your light.
And if being different is wrong then
I don’t ever want to be right.